I started getting involved in target shooting when my oldest son Barto showed that he a had a talent and passion for the sport when he started in high school.

Since shooting is not a very exiting sport from a spectator point of view I soon started helping out where I could and my involvement in the administration of air rifle shooting started growing from there about 8 years ago.

Currently both my sons, Barto and Jacques, are involved in the sport and are shooting very competitively in the 10m Olympic events and they have taken part in a number of international and ISSF competitions.

I am currently involved in both the shools (SANSSU) and national (SAARA) air rifle shooting bodies and recently completed an ISSF class B judges course (I am still waiting for the licence).

This year (2014) is a very busy year for us in Gauteng. The year started with a tour to Egypt to take part in the African Continental Championships where I a very proud to say that Jacques can third in the senior men’s championships. The South African air rifle team did very well with the men taking silver in the team event and the ladies taking third. In the youth competition to qualify for the 2014 Youth Olympic games a South African athletes, Sybrand Laurens, took gold to win the only African quota place at the games.

We are also preparing to host both the SANSSU and SAARA national championships here in Gauteng in the beginning of October 2014 and I am sure that both these events are going to be milestone air rifle events for South Africa. The fact that we will be shooting these events back to back is one small step towards perhaps one day shooting a combines air rifle national championship.

My dream is to see a unified Olympic shooting discipline where all the associations involved in the Olympic classes work together for the benefit of our athletes.



For more information please contact me or any of the following bodies. I am prepared to help with advice and couching where I can.


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